Ocean Rodeo Rise A-Series


Ocean Rodeo's Big Air monster that redefined Big Air kiteboarding.

The Ocean Rodeo A-Series Rise is the weapon of choice for Jord. With the revolutionary technique of the ALUULA material, the Rise is 40% lighter then traditional kites. Besides the weight reduction of ALUULA, it is also 2x stronger then traditional dacron. This results in a revolutionair new Big Air kite that has characteristics like no kite does.

With Giel Vlugt being the king of Double Loops on his ALUULA Rise kite, the kite has definitely proved its abilities. The ALUULA material in the A-serie Rise makes it one of the fastest yet stiffest kite out there, resulting in exceptionally well tuned loops with crazy fast catches. Making it a true progression machine for new tricks. Not only loops the Rise like no other, this kite will boost your jumps to the stratosphere in no time. Even in the heavies most extreme conditions, the kite's stiff airframe makes it ride extraordinary well.

"The Rise is a true big air machine and a kite I've never experienced before. The speed and the instant reaction of the kite makes for a whole new experience, resulting in insane progression and adrenaline rushes. The loops of the kite are really good with for sure a 99% catch rate. The instant direct feeling of the kite is also amazing, you always know where the kite is, whether you are upside down in the air or one handed at dark sliding. I truly recommend to give the rise a try"

WARNING: The available power and vertical boost will exceed many kiters expectations. During your first Rise sessions, please be prepared with some oxygen masks before breaking into the stratosphere.

Grootte: 7