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Welcome to SpaceX Kitesurfing—a vibrant community of kitesurfers. Our mission is to make kitesurfing accessible and inspiring for the young generation, uniting riders and companies alike. With unique content, high quality products and epic events, we redefine the kitesurfing world. Join us as we ride the skies and conquer the seas, pushing the boundaries of this incredible sport. Experience the adventure. Embrace the freedom. Soar with us at SpaceX Kitesurfing. Let's fly together.

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surfrWOO VS SURFR | Which device is better for kitesurfing?

WOO VS SURFR | Which device is better for kitesurfing?

Introduction Kitesurfing is all about finding that perfect, fleeting harmony between rider and nature. To push your limits further, tech tools like the Woo and Surfr offer valuable feedback and p...

Who we are

The origin story

In the thrilling world of kitesurfing, fate brought us together. With a shared love for the winds and waves, we formed a crew of like-minded friends, fearlessly seeking new horizons.

Conquering countless downwinders and braving the wildest Dutch storms, we earned the nickname "astronauts of the sky" – a lighthearted nod to our skyward exploits and the spirit of camaraderie that binds us.

From these exhilarating escapades, SpaceX Kitesurfing was born – a group of daring souls embracing the thrill of extreme kitesurfing. Our story celebrates the joy of friendship and the sheer excitement of living life to the fullest.

Join us as we chase the winds, explore uncharted territories, and create unforgettable memories. Welcome to SpaceX Kitesurfing, where the journey is electrifying, the passion for kitesurfing unites us, and the sky is our boundless playground.

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