The competition

BAKL and SpaceX Kitesurfing are organising the biggest big air competitions in the world that is suitable for every skill level in Cape Town; The BAKL x Race2Space. This will be the worlds biggest kitesurf big air event, and we are giving you the opportunity to compete and win amazing prices.

On a stronger wind day all competitors can ride wherever they want in the Blouberg area with the Surfr. App to measure all of their jump. At the end of the day we will have winners from each division.

There will be divisions so people can kite and jump against there own level of riding. For instance if you jump 6-7m on average you can compete in the 5-10m division.

At the end of the day we will have a price ceremony at Dolphin Beach Hotel and a great party to celebrate our winners.

Division 1 jumps: 5 - 10 meters
Division 2 jumps: 10.1 - 15 meters
Division 3 jumps: 15.1 - 20
Division 4 jump : 20.1+

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