Lieuwe Falcon


This is the epic new Lieuwe Falcon Kiteboard! This bad boy is the ultimate high-performance big air board that's gonna take your sessions to new heights, literally! It fills the gap between the Lieuwe Shotgun and Oceana, striking the perfect balance between explosive pop and comfort.

The Falcon's design is all about that playful and lightweight feel, making it super easy to spin, pop, and jump. Its Paulownia core and carbon construction make it crazy strong yet light as a feather, perfect for handling rough conditions. The double concave and rail channels ensure maximum control during take-offs and landings, giving you the smoothest rides ever.

The innovative Robot-crafted insert track nut system allows you to find your sweet spot on the board, providing the best stance for top-notch performance. Plus, it's compatible with bindings from any brand, so you can ride it just the way you like.

Compared to the Lieuwe Shotgun, the Falcon is a bit stiffer, offering more responsiveness and playfulness during jumps. And when you put it up against the Oceana, you'll notice that both have excellent grip, but the Falcon's lightweight build makes it shine in lighter winds.

So, if you're aiming to break your height records and take your kitesurfing game to the next level, the Lieuwe Falcon is the way to go! Get ready to soar and push your limits like never before! 🤙

Grootte: 130*39
Kleur: Blue