Marijn Ploeg

Marijn's Choice

Marijn's Choice

 This is the gear Marijn uses to shred on the water. Feel... 

About Marijn

Marijn has been the one who has the least time on the water with only four years of kiting, but this doesn’t mean this man can't shred. With insane progression he got the kiteloop board off by the fin easily underneath his belt. In his four years of kite experience he has learned so much that he is a judge during a few of the major kite competitions. When will we see him behind the judging panel of the king of the air? Or will he progress even further and be on the other side competing?

What he rides

Marijn's Choice

This is the gear that Marijn uses on the water. If you have any questions about his gear feel free to send him a message!

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