Jurre Bruijn

Jurre's Choice

Jurre's Choice

This is the gear Jurre used to shred. We all know Jurre... 

About Jurre

The most handsome one of the squad is Jurre. Jurre as Stino is a man of all disciplines, but hes got one discipline Stino and the other guys of the team don’t have… Strapless freestyle! He was Landing a strapless kiteloops last year in capetown with ease. We’re not quite sure if he will be pushing the strapless or twintip big air. All we know is that he will go big. Jurre also competed in several big air kite leagues, when will we see him again on the livestreams?

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Jurre's Choice

This is the gear that Jurre uses on the water. If you have any questions about his gear feel free to send him a message!

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