Jord van Drunen

Jord's Choice

Jord's Choice

This is the gear Jord used on the water. If you have... 

About Jord

Jord, the man of the hair, curls get the girls they say! With his golden Rise he’s one the fly over you each session, pulling big loops and throwing out a late back like it’s nothing. We know he can ride a twintip but this man is a wizard on a foil aswell, maybe one day we will see him at the Olympics, he might have to cut his hair a bit to reduce wind drag though ;).

Jord is an incredible kite teacher aswell, so if you want to learn anything ask him!

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Jord's Choice

This is the gear that Jord uses on the water. If you have any questions about his gear feel free to send him a message!

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