Race to Space 1.0 - Where it all began

Race to Space 1.0 - Where it all began

A Day of High-Flying Fun and Competition
What started as a friendly competition among our crew to see who could achieve the highest jump in kitesurfing quickly turned into something much bigger and more exciting. When we shared our story and invited others to join our competition, we were blown away by the response: around 60 enthusiastic kitesurfers showed up, ready to take to the skies!


The Thrill of the Challenge
The event, aptly named "Race to Space", was nothing short of exhilarating. Participants from various backgrounds and skill levels came together for an hour of intense competition. It was an exciting competition with most competitors riding a competition for the first time.

We used the Surfr app to measure each jump accurately, ensuring a fair and exciting contest for everyone involved. Participants gave it their all, each striving to soar higher than the last. The sight of kitesurfers launching into the air, pushing the limits of gravity, was a testament to the spirit of adventure and innovation that defines SpaceX.

Prizes and Partnerships
Thanks to our amazing partners, the event was not just about the thrill of the jump but also about rewarding the skills and efforts of the participants. Kitesurfshop Haarlem, Slingshot, Ride Engine, and SamSam Drinks generously provided prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition. From high-quality kitesurfing gear to refreshing beverages, the winners walked away with some fantastic rewards, making their victory even sweeter.

Looking to the Future
The success of the "Race to Space" event has inspired us to make this a regular feature. The overwhelming turnout and the palpable excitement of the participants showed us the potential of this event to grow into something even bigger. We're already in the planning stages for more events, hoping to bring together more kitesurfing enthusiasts and to foster a community bound by a shared love for this thrilling sport.

Join Us Next Time!
We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated and made the "Race to Space" event a memorable one. To those who missed it, worry not – we're just getting started! Keep an eye on our instagram for announcements about future events. Whether you're a seasoned kitesurfer or a curious beginner, our SpaceX Kitesurfing community is open to all.

Stay tuned for more high-flying adventures as we continue to combine our love for kitesurfing with the spirit of innovation and adventure that SpaceX is known for. See you at the next "Race to Space"! 🚀🏄‍♂️



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