Race 2 Space 5.0 - Teams Battle

Race 2 Space 5.0 - Teams Battle

Race 2 Space 5.0 soared to new heights as kiteboarding enthusiasts united in teams, harnessing their combined skills for an exhilarating event. Departing from the conventional setup, this edition introduced a unique format where teammates engaged in competitive rounds, showcasing their prowess on the waves. The first round belonged to one teammate, followed by the second round for their partner, culminating in a fusion of their Surfr heights for the final results. Spectators on the beach tracked their teammate's heights in real-time through the Surfr app, adding an interactive dimension to the event's excitement.

Set against the backdrop of our beloved Zandvoort homespot, the event took on an extra layer of thrill as teams embraced creativity, infusing a themed dress code into their performances. Beyond rewarding the highest jumpers, the event celebrated innovation by acknowledging the best-dressed teams. Witness flying bananas, pigs, ghosts, stunt doubles, and a myriad of imaginative ensembles, all immortalized in the thrilling aftermovie!

The podium was graced by remarkable performances:
🥇 Victor Looijestijn + Sten van der Ploeg (Mystic ultra bag)
🥈 Menno Labee + Peter Groothuis (Kitesurfshop haarlem €175 voucher)
🥉 Loek Zoon + Jan Zoon (Surfr board mount gift voucher) 

Additionally, notable mentions went to:
🥇 Pim Kemp + Elon Hendriksen (Ripstar kitetrip to Denmark)
🥈 Sabys Seh (Naish Apex Bindings) 
🥉 Tjeerd Daukema (Neoprene winter jacket) 

- Kitesurfshop haarlem 
- Ripstar 
- Tenzing 
- First Energy Gum 
- Brunotti 
- Sam Sam 
- Cabrinha
- Naish 
- Prolimit 
- Hang Eleven 
- Harlem Kitesurfing 
- The Surfr App 

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