The SpaceX Hyperloop 2022

The SpaceX Hyperloop 2022

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Our first event ever The Space X Hyperloop 2022. A kitesurfing big air contest for professional kiteboarders. And an epic livestream with almost 1.000 live viewers during the finals, go check it out here👇

We had had all the luck by our side when the idea of this competition came on the tabel. We managed to pull this whole event off in one day. From getting the idea, monday 11am, to the first heat on the water, tuesday 9am, there was only 22 hours in between😅😱.

We worked our ass off for this competition and all the boys did the best they could. We had to figure out how a livestream worked, set it up as profesionnal as possible and renting some very last minute camera equipment. We had to get the sponsors involved, knowing if all the facilities and permits where available as well as making sure the pro kiters were in The Netherlands and much more. We couldn't have done it with all the help from the people involved. Thanks to all of you 👏

We had 12 of the top Kitesurfing Big Air riders on our local spot Zandvoort, with nuking 35 knots of wind. Five (former) King of the Air riders, a defending Red Bull Megaloop Champion and a Big Air Kite League winner were part of the fleet and deliverd some radical action.

The Podium:
🥇 Giel Vlugt
🥈 Stijn Mul
🥉 Joris Herrewijnen
🏅 Ross Dillon-Player

Once again it was a truly epic day and we are hungy for more⚡ Thanks again to all the people involved, the riders, the sponsors, the Watersport Vereniging Zandvoort the volunteers and all the boys form SpaceX Kitesurfing for their last minute maximum efforts and flexibility.

Go check out the replay of the livestream 👇

More footage of the Hyperloop👇
-Small aftermovie:

Stay tuned for more, we can't wait for the next one.

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